fulfillment - marketing partners
Fulfillment Marketing Partners provides:
Project-based Consultancy or Full-Service Digital Strategy, Research, Media Planning/Buying, Streaming Video, Mobile, SEM, SEO, Email, Social, Contextual, Back/End Analytics & Optimization, Integrated Cross Media, 3rd Party Ad Serving, Billing & Reconciliation.
In the 1950's and 1960's, music, literature and industry were at a virtual standstill and in a state of confusion.  People did not know where to commit.  Similarly now, after amazing dot com, technology, real estate growth and the resulting fall out and market adjustment, industry is in a state of confusion - even more so with recent corporate deceit. It is now that Emerging companies and Emerging markets can make their mark.  Emerging industries should be mobile, facile and the world requires them to move  quickly. 
Now, more than ever, a "wait and see" attitude is the wrong position -  people will have already committed or decided not to commit. FMP has positioned our company to work with emerging companies and products  so that we may move as quickly as our clients and partners.  We have put together a lean group of professionals so that we are like a speed boat that can turn very  quickly in water rather than a large vessel that may be more powerful, but cannot adjust to changing conditions as quickly.  FMP feels that response time is the most  critical and important aspect in this market.  With our expertise and knowledge of  the digital spaces, we are competitive and more effective than  larger agencies.  
Agencies brand themselves just as they utilize branding to launch their clients' product.  While many agencies are well known brands, FMP is a Consortium of Consultants that can quickly integrate into a clients' environment and effectively act as a third arm of a client's marketing department.  We are happy to never be known.  We are often “White-Labeled” by other Branded Large Agencies and clients never know we exist.  Ultimately when a client selects an agency, they are only buying into the  people that will service the account.  While at a big agency, the point person must  still work within the bureaucratic environment to turn the "big ship". In the story of David and Goliath, all appearances and perception were that Goliath was going to win.  Prior to the fight all bets were placed on Goliath.  David, smaller,  more ingenious and intuitive trusted that he had the skill to face this giant. David  prevailed.  We at FMP liken ourselves to David - while we may not appear to have the force and manpower of a large corporation, we are more effective at furthering  our client's goals and objectives to ultimately make their business and marketing  campaigns successful.