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Testimonials for Fulfillment Marketing Partners:
“Carrie helped us develop and launch a marketing business plan for an Internet based supply chain company. She did a great job and built a solid relationship with our client and internally within our organization. I highly recommend Carrie as a person with enormous creativity, strong dedication to results and a passion for the work she does.” ~R. Gullickson/CEO
“It can be difficult on the Agency side to work with, be in contact with, and address the many, many vendors that someone in Carrie's position would come across on a daily basis [I know, I was one of them.] Then there would be current Clients, potential New Clients, a team of Planners to lead, and an overall Media strategy to contend with for the agency. In my time working with her, Carrie not only made all of these look easy, but was fun to work with, and do business with. I can't wait to work with her again on many other future projects.” ~K. Nicholas, Nat'l Account Manager
“I have hired Carrie and her team to work on numerous challenging accounts. She is professional, smart and a great teacher. In the interactive field, there are those that just do, and those that inform, making everyone on the business smarter. Carrie is the latter. Other attributes include great presentation skills and an ROI-focused approach." ~C. Kroepel/Media Supervisor
“When I worked with Carrie,we developed a trusting, professional relationship. She is one of the most persistent clients that I've worked with and she takes a great deal of pride in her work. Having many years of experience in the interactive ad industry, she is a great resource for her clients and is able to provide them new and fresh ideas for their online advertising initiatives. And while she is a diligent and hard working business individual, I've also had the chance to interact with her at industry events and discovered she is very personable and fun-loving colleague.” ~D. Kang, Sales Director
“Carrie was a real-life asset in guiding my advertising clients in the interactive field. Aside from her obvious knowledge, her presentation skills are tops. And were put to the test from dealer meetings to agency online schooling sessions. Carrie is a winner !” ~J. Vrba/Sr. Vice President
“Carrie is a tremendous asset to us working in the digital media space. Her integrity and candor coupled with top notch marketing chops make her a great partner. Looking forward to working together in the future!” ~D. Bates/Director of Sales
“Carrie and I worked together to launch the Las Vegas Interactive Marketing Association back in 06. Carrie is one of the hardest working people I know and loved being partnered with her as she was a wonderful marketer and leader in our organization.”~A. Vernet, VP Sales
“Carrie is extremely knowledgeable and was great to work with on various opportunities.”~E. Goren/CEO
“I found Carrie has an obvious knowledge of the intricacies of the web world, given her deep background, and found working on behalf of her clients she was particular about the right execution but certainly fair about getting the results we both wanted for the advertisers. She worked to make it a productive partnership.” ~D. Kang/Account Director
“Carrie knows her stuff! Her knowledge of online media is unsurpassed. Her plans are flawless and working with her is a pleasure. Carrie makes an amazing addition to any team working in the online space.” ~S. Fawthrop/Account Director
“Carrie is the consummate professional who is also a genuine and authentic person. While I was starting a media department, Carrie offered {her company} as a white label resource which allowed me to focus on growing the department while having the necessary resources for strategy, planning, and execution. Carrie & I have also participated on a panel together where her tremendous industry knowledge was more than apparent. Carrie is well connected within the industry, but maintains a sense of always being grateful for the relationships she has worked hard to build. Carrie is a true gem!” ~J. Samples/Media Director
“Carrie's work ethic and knowledge is second to none. The time we worked together was enlightening as well as enjoyable. She's very detailed and focused.”~M. Thiel/Search Mktg Manager
“Carrie is extremely knowledgeable and was great to work with on various opportunities.” ~E. Lazarus/Digital Director
“Carrie is always 10 steps ahead of the interactive game, and never misses a turn. Her opinions are highly regarded in this industry, and if you've met her, chances are you've followed her advice more than once. On a personal note, she is truly just an amazing person inside and out.” ~T. Lynch/Sr.Planner/Analyst