fulfillment - marketing partners
Fulfillment Marketing Partners Services:
 Delivering Intense Results Driven Performance
Fulfilling Clients Wants and Needs: Advisor or Alliance
Measurable Impact: Strategy, Media, Promotions & PR
Pursuing Passion & Purpose: Top-Caliber Industry Expertise
Fulfillment Marketing Partners provides exactly what our clients’ needs dictate: from an extra pair of hands to full service marketing consulting--sometimes considered as an outsourced department or an agency partner.
…from start-ups to established companies needing digital marketing and business development assistance.
   Working with digital services, entertainment, sports and professional services firms, VC’s, startups, and top agencies, FMP brings knowledge, expertise and flexibility to an ever-changing and evolving technology and business environment.
…providing research, analysis & analytics, website creation & redesign supervision, collateral & creative development, marketing & brand strategy, media placement & optimization, promotions & event marketing, publicity campaigns, business development and sales strategy & execution.
-Digital Media-
  • Research & Planning
  • Negotiation & Buying
  • Execution, trafficking, optimization 
  • Campaign analysis, reporting, analytics
  • Reconcilitation & billing 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM/PPC)
  • Blog Posts & Development
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Outbound CRM
  • Acquisition Email List Rental
  • Banners/Display, Rich Media, Video, RSS, Mobile, Sponsorships, Behavioral, Contexual, Re-targeting, In-text
  • Partnership & rep firm identification/introduction
  • Media Kit, presentation materials & Rate Card development
  • Strategic positioning and value to media buyer within competitive sets
  • Growth planning, projections and specific projects
  • New business leads & introductions
  • Strategy, vision & goals
–Marketing & PR-
  • Linking Campaigns
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Email & Newsletter development 
  • Online/Offline “Event” Marketing
  • “Guerilla” & Viral stunts
  • Press Kit Development
  • Press release copywriting
  • Wire submission and story pitches
  • Award submissions
  • Web Site Development & Maintenance 
  • Supervision of RFP’s
  • Selection of Vendors
  • Management of Creative & Technical Process
  • Banner/Rich Media Creative Concepting, Vendor Selection & Supervision
  • Sponsorship identification & procurement
  • Strategic partnering with existing alliances and formation of new promo relationships
  • Sweepstakes, Contests
  • Incentive Programs
  • Full campaign management and value analysis
Don't see it here, we probably still do it!
That is not to say we are Jack of All Trades: Master of None. 
It's just that at some point we probably have faced a challenge you are encountering and climbed that mountain and now can give you the directions on how to scale it with finesse and ease! And climb it again with you while holding your hand and pulling you up.